Internet Access for Low Income Families


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At Connecting for Good, our core belief is that connectivity equals opportunity – and that Internet access in the home is essential to make this a reality. We believe bandwidth in the home is an essential modern utility; like phone service, electricity and running water.

Access to the Internet brings with it a chance to apply for jobs online, connections with family and friends, access to virtual library shelves, information about medical and health issues, online education – GED completion and college courses – and a whole lot more.  These are resources with the potential to help an under resourced family move toward a healthier, happier and more secure future.

Along with a broadband Internet connection, we are also including digital literacy training and distributing very inexpensive computers as part of this initiative.  Qualified low income indviduals who complete two training sessions are eligible to receive a high quality refurbished PC for just $50.00.

All high school students in the Kansas City, Kansas School District get a laptop to take home with them.  According to a recent KCK School District study, only 40% of these students are taking them to homes where they have an Internet connection. When we conducted our initial survey as the Rosedale Ridge Section 8 public housing complex, we could find only one student who could use her school-issued computer at home.  In the Kansas City Missouri Public Schools, it is estimated that 70% of students do not have Internet access at home.



To bring connectivity to families in low income public and Section 8 housing, Connecting for Good became a wireless Internet Service Provider.  Using microwave towers to create the wireless the backbone, we are building Wi-Fi mesh networks to spread connectivity to communities that otherwise would have very limited access. We currently operate three free Wi-Fi networks; Rosedale Ridge, a low income housing project in Kansas City, KS; Posada del Sol, a senior high rise in Kansas City, MO and have built a mesh network covering four city blocks at the Juniper Gardens public housing complex.

In all we are providing connectivity, free of charge to over 500 KC area households. We are have plans for similar projects at additional local properties for low income families on both sides of the state line.

Learn more about mesh networks, the wireless technology we are using to bridge the Digital Divide!

We also offer an unlimited 4G Internet plan for just $10 a month. Learn more!

If you have an interest in getting involved, please contact us!

About Michael Liimatta

Michael is president and co-founder of Connecting for Good. He has served in leadership positions for over thirty years with nonprofit organizations and associations and in online higher education.

17. April 2013 by Michael Liimatta
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