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New Linwood Area Computer Center Opens

To better serve Kansas City’s urban core, Connecting for Good has established a new public access computer lab and learning center in the newly renovated Linwood Presbyterian complex, located near the intersection of Linwood Boulevard and Highway 71. The center provides Internet access, training … Continue reading

16. October 2015 by Michael Liimatta

Pemberton Park Project Update

On September 4, we announced our effort to bring computers and Internet to the families at Pemberton Park. It is a facility in Kansas City, Missouri for low-income seniors who are raising their grandchildren. Over 70 school children live there with … Continue reading

24. September 2015 by Michael Liimatta

Get Internet & PCs to Kids at Pemberton Park

Digital Divide effects children more than just about any other group. Without Internet access it is nearly impossible for them to succeed in school, making it harder to go on to live productive adult lives. Pemberton Park for Grandfamilies is … Continue reading

05. September 2015 by Michael Liimatta

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