Community Computer Centers

A single mom from the housing project stops by our community tech center regularly to check her e-mail.

A single mom from the public housing project across the street stops by our Kansas City KS community technology center to check her e-mail.

An important part of our philosophy at Connecting for Good is to make our services as accessible as possible in places where they are most needed. For this reason, we have chosen to focus on neighborhoods where thousands of families are on the wrong side of the Digital Divide; NE Wyandotte County in Kansas and East of Troost Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. According to the 2013 US Census, as few as one in five households in these parts of the the city has a computer and Internet connection.

Using our mobile computer lab, we train thousands of people each year at key sites in the urban core. Additionally, we have created community technology centers in two of the most under resourced parts of the city. These public spaces are busy gathering places for hands on learning experiences, as well as providing children and adults places to access the Internet

3101 Troost Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri

Linwood Area Computer Center, 3210 Michigan, Kansas City, Missouri

To better serve Kansas City, Missouri’s urban core, in November 2915, Connecting for Good open a public access computer lab and learning center near the intersection of Linwood Boulevard and Highway 71. The center offers Internet access, training and resources to close the Digital Divide in an inner city community where as few as one in five households has a computer and in-home connection.

Computers at the center are available for free use by the public. Regular classes are conducted on computer basics and use of the Internet and email. High school students can bring their school-issued laptops and tablets to do their homework and other constructive activities. The center has a special emphasis on providing digital skills to help area residents improve their employment possibilities. Workforce development classes go beyond basic digital literacy training and  include more advanced classes in such topics as online job search, resume development, and basic Microsoft Word and Excel.


NE Wyandotte Co. Computer Center, 2006 N 3rd St. Kansas City, Kansas

Opened in March 2014 in Kansas City KS. The Northeast Wyandotte County Computer Center is located directly across the street from the Juniper Gardens housing complex where we currently provide free in-home wireless Internet to about 300 low income households. With one of the first installations of Google Fiber’s small business plan, the Internet connection at the center is super fast. It features a public access computer lab with 25 PCs and regularly scheduled classes throughout the week.

Both centers are also a drop off points for used computer equipment that we refurbish and provide inexpensively to under resourced families and nonprofit organizations that work with them.  If you would like to drop off used PCs, learn more about our classes or wish to make use of our computer lab, contact us at (816) 559-7077 or use our online contact forms.

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