Computer Refurbishing Program

Refurbishing Workshop manager, Karita Matlock, at work

Refurbishing Workshop manager, Karita Matlock, at work

At Connecting for Good, we live by the motto “Reuse Before You Recycle.”  Every year millions of perfectly usable computers are stripped down and their components recycled.  Not only is reuse better for the environment, it allows us to create high quality, internet-ready PCs for low income families and nonprofit organizations.  These refurbished PCs are a valuable resource for urban core that we are serving.

Interns learn value tech skills in our refurbishing shop

Interns learn valuable tech skills in our refurbishing shop

Our Computer Refurbishing Program creates job, internship, and volunteer opportunities in the urban core for a chance to learn very marketable technical skills that can lead to employment in this field.  These members of our team take used desktops and laptops that have been donated, and create high quality, internet-ready computers for community use.

As a participant in the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program, a software grants program allows us to provide these computers to those who complete our free digital life skills classes and meet income qualifications.  We follow a strict set of data destruction standards that protect the confidentiality of the information on the donated computers we receive.  What we can’t use, we send out to certified recycling organizations so nothing ends up in a landfill.

For these efforts, Connecting for Good was one of the honorees of the Mid-America Regional Council’s 2014 Sustainable Success Stories.


If you are interested in giving your equipment toward our efforts, please use our Computer Donation Form.