Free Digital Life Skills Classes

Over 1,000 urban core residents take our digital literacy courses every year.

We believe connectivity equals opportunity. So we are working to ensure that low income and under resourced Kansas City residents have an Internet-connected computer in their homes. Connectivity all by itself will not close the Digital Divide, however.  To help people become active digital citizens, we offer three equally important programs to the community —connectivity, affordable computers and digital literacy.

By teaching everyday digital skills, like online communications and job searching, Connecting for Good helps under-resourced families, senior citizens and the disabled to experience all of the possibilities that the World Wide Web has to offer

We are conducting regularly scheduled free classes ans one-on-one and hands-on digital tutorials at our centers located at 3101 Troost in Kansas City, Missouri and at 2006 N 3rd Street in Kansas City, Kansas.  Our mobile computer labs travels throughout the metro area to provide classes at several different locations, including Kansas City Public Library branches, neighborhood associations and other community organizations.

The training involves these digital life skills:

  1. Email use
  2. Search engine use
  3. Health/medical info search
  4. Government services search
  5. Job applications
  6. Social networking
  7. Video watch/download
  8. Online shopping
  9. Banking online
  10. Classes/certification online

Because this knowledge is not helpful unless people can use it, we offer low income people who complete both classes with an inexpensive refurbished PC for as little as $70.00.  Additionally, if they do not already have Internet in their homes, we provide them with inexpensive alternatives to get online.  This includes directing them to Wi-Fi hotspots and public computer centers. We are also bringing wireless Internet to housing complexes and neighborhoods throughout the our city. Learn more at Our Commitment to Connectivity.

To sign up for free classes, see our Training Events Calendar.

We welcome volunteers to assist us in conducting these classes.  If you are interested in getting involved, please use our Volunteer Interest Form.


Donate $75.00 to provide a computer to a low income family!