Juniper Gardens Project Nears Completion

This project was completed in 2013 and is functioning today!

In March we embarked on a project to build a free broadband Wi-Fi network at Juniper Gardens, the oldest and largest public housing project in the state of Kansas.

devices3c1We are pleased to announce that we met the March 31st installation deadline in order to receive a $15,000 equipment donation from One Economy Corporation! We did it by installing nearly 70 wireless radios on forty buildings at the complex, creating a four block wide “hotspot.”

We have just one final piece to the puzzle – the high power antennas needed to ensure complete cable Internet-equivalent speed to every household at Juniper Gardens.  Adding the 9db antennas to the radio units increases their bandwidth output nearly 10 times. This will bring true broadband Internet access to all 400 families who call Juniper Gardens home, in every room of every apartment.

At the same time, we have drawn closer to our fund raising goal for the project.  We just need the final $6,595 to purchase these antennas and the project will be completed.  Once everyone at Juniper Gardens can get online, our team of trainers will begin regular digital life skills classes on-site at the complex.  And, we will be offering families there a chance to get an Internet-ready computer for just $50.00.

Updated Budget
75 Wi-Fi transmitters ($200 ea.) $15,000
Install 70 Wi-Fi transmitters ($120 ea.) $8,400
70 high gain antennas (97.50 ea.) $6,825
12 months of Internet service $7,800
Miscellaneous materials $1,600
Total $39,625
Grants and cash gifts -$33,030
Total left to raise $6,595


04. April 2013 by Tom Esselman
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