Mobile Computer Lab for On-site Training

Digital Life Skills class at Blue Hills Community Services

Connecting for Good focuses on helping people in under-resourced Kansas City neighborhoods become productive users of the Internet. Along with regularly scheduled training sessions in our community technology centers, the digital life skills classes are conducted at various locations throughout the city.  Since 2012, Connecting For Good has trained over 10,000 people living in low to moderate income communities, in over 50 different computer lab sites around the Greater Kansas City Metro area.  With a mobile computer lab of Chromebooks and laptops, this hands-on guided learning experience is brought to libraries, schools, churches and other community facilities.

Family Computer Day at the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council

We are working with a number of community groups to sponsor several Family Computer Days in the coming year. These events are promoted by the groups that host them for their communities and for the individuals to whom they provide services. Connecting for Good staff and volunteers teach people from their community. At the same time, we bring a trailer full of refurbished computers. Those who who complete two training sessions and are eligible can take home a personalized, high quality refurbished desktop PC starting at $50.00 that same day.

If your church, school or community organization is interested in hosting our trainers for an event, please contact us.

Thanks for your interest and support.