Technology Assistance for Nonprofits


Connecting for Good works to get under resourced people online such as the elderly, the disabled, job seekers and low income families.  But, there is another aspect of the Digital Divide;  the gap between available technology and the use of these resources by nonprofit organizations.

Up-to-date computer hardware, affordable Internet access, knowledge of software applications, a useful web site and social media savvy are all essential for charities operating in this digital era.  When nonprofit organizations take full advantage of these resources, they can raise more funds through improved communication with their supporters and more effectively serve their constituents. Too many nonprofits doing good work in their communities struggle with outdated computers because they lack funds to upgrade.  Without in-house IT staff, they too often end up paying for high-priced services from companies that do not share their passion for reaching out to those in need.

Assisting nonprofits is an important part of the mission of Connecting for Good. We exist to use technology to help people and organizations connect with one another in order to better society and the environment.  Ultimately, we believe connectivity equals opportunity.  So by assisting organizations that do good work with better technology at a lower cost, we know they will be able to help even more people.

We provide these services to nonprofit organizations:

  • High quality refurbished computers, both laptops and desktops, at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.  They have high speed processors and large capacity hard drives. All come with a one year replacement guarantee.
  • Wireless Internet Service*  We help nonprofits save money on their connectivity
  • $10.00 a month, pay-as-you-go unlimited 4G Internet service.  Learn more here.
  • In-house Wi-Fi, wired networks and outdoor hotspots, we enable nonprofits to spread connectivity in their buildings and to the community.
  • Affordable on-site computer labs that are used by various agencies to provide services to their clients.
  • Consulting on IT projects and training for staff and clients.
  • PC maintenance and repair at affordable rates.

Most importantly, using Connecting for Good for your IT services assists us in our efforts to help more under resourced children and families become productive users of the Internet!

If you work for a nonprofit organization that needs any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please  use our Computer Donation Form if you would like to provide your used equipment to help us in these efforts.


* Currently available only in select locations.