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Imagine what your life would be like without access to the Internet. What if you didn’t have enough money to pay for monthly service or lacked the resources to have your own computer.

That’s how it is for thousands of Kansas City families.  Their lives could be greatly improved with Internet access but many simply don’t have the resources to get connected. Connecting for Good has three on-going projects that will bring connectivity to hundreds of Kansas City lower income households:

  1. Free Wi-Fi installations at places like Juniper Gardens  and other low income housing properties. We provide Internet-ready refurbished PCs to residents along with free digital life skills training. We will have installations in properties that provide free Internet to 500 households.
  2. Digital literacy training sessions in the community. We take our digital life skills classes on the road to community organizations, library branches and other public institutions. We offer those who complete the two hour two-session classes vouchers for refurbished computers for as low as $75.00. to people who complete these courses.
  3. We conduct free training sessions several times a week at our Workshop and Training Center at 2006 N 3rd Street in Kansas City KS and 3101 Troost, Kansas City MO, as well as at a number of other community organizations.

In order to see these efforts impact those in need, we need hundreds of used computers.  With your help, we can see many lives changed simply because they will be able to connect to all the resources available through the Internet.

Won’t you help?  This is a great time to give us your unused PC equipment and get a year end tax deduction at the same time.  What is no longer useful to you can be turned into something that will chage the life of a child in an under resources urban core family.

As a participant in the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program, we follow a strict set of data sanitation standards that protects the confidentiality of the information on donated computers we receive.

If you are interested in giving your equipment toward our efforts, please use our Computer Donation Form.

Thank you so much!